A warm welcome to you at The name says it all - we offer you some useful tools to simplify your next trips scheduling. No matter if your upcoming adventure is a roadtrip to the end of the world or just a weekend break to the next capital - with PlanYourTrip you will never lose track during the planning process. Start with our Planner to create your next trip. Have fun preparing for your next adventure!
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Here does your next adventure begin! Just create a new trip with our Trip Planner and set waypoints to define your journey. True to the motto \u201Cthe journey is the reward\u201D you can choose between several transport modes between the stations along your trip, such as train, car, plane or ship - just make it an unforgettable experience! PlanYourTrip is meant to support your planning process, so let\u2019s go - your next adventure is waiting.
You need some inspiration? Just browse all existing trips, planned by other users, to get an idea of what you could do next. Benefit from ready-planned trips and save some time. (just in case you don\u2019t like planning ;)) Bet you will find something appropriate.
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See all your visited cities with the PlanYourTrip Travel Map and extend your collection with new trips. Additionally you can show your Usermap to your friends, family and share it with the world.
With the PlanYourTrip Travel Guide we want to provide all the information you need to plan your trip. Its a mix of personal travel experiences and editorially generated information from professionals.
We are looking for partners with whom we can realize our goals together. We think primarily of bloggers, travel agencies and tourist websites. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any idea to improve the world of travel planning.